What I recommend




Website Links


Crypto Compare is a great site that has lists of most coins on market and also has a useful Portfolio section where you can add your bought coins and watch the Portfolio show you %'s etc on your coins added. Great little tool to watch your wealth grow.


Coindar is a crypto currency calendar that has upcoming crypto news, updates, hard forks, meetups, listing of coins on exchanges etc. Useful tool to track upcoming potential investment opportunities.



Coinmarketcap is a crypto currency site that shows the total market capitalisation for each coin and what is being traded when and where and how much etc. Useful tool to track coin price movements and shows what markets/exchanges you can buy each coin at.


Trading View is a crypto currency site that is mostly used by traders. It has charts for most crypto's that are used for technical analysis to then trade off. Also has views by top traders on their analysis and outlook on each different crypto market. Look for my profile 'howtobuybitcoindotnetdotau' on there and follow me.