Step by Step Guide

Want to know how to buy Bitcoin?

1) Go to Binance website (easiest place online to buy Bitcoin) as you can use a credit card to purchase with. (this link is a referral): BINANCE


Setup an account and also security settings like SMS Auth and Google Auth. SMS is a sms sent to your phone. Google Auth is an authenticator you download from google and add Binance site to. It gives you a code to login and withdraw/deposit with for added security.

This well trusted exchange is the best in the world and once you learn how to buy Bitcoin at Binance, you can buy hundreds of other types of crypto currencies.


2) Buy the amount of BTC (Bitcoin) you wish to own using your credit card or wire transfer etc. Once approved, the Bitcoin will now appear in your account on Binance. 


3) Either use your Bitcoin at Binance exchange account you just opened if you wish to buy other coins or trade, or, download a wallet to store your Bitcoin in called EXODUS

You will need a 64bit Windows, Mac or Linux operating system to setup your Exodus Wallet.

If you don't have 64bit Windows, try using Coinomi Wallet which is available on android devices or watch a YouTube video to setup Coinomi Wallet on any laptop or pc.

3a) For Exodus or Coinomi wallet: Setup your wallet. Print out the private key for your wallet (the 12 or 24 word long phrase). Also highly recommend writing your password on this so you have everything there in case you forget. Without these your currencies are lost. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!


Why choose these wallets and not leave coins at Binance if not trading them? When you have the private keys to any crypto currency, you own the coin. At Binance, they own the keys and your coins, this is why you only use this site to trade crypto on or if you are a long term holder I suggest to buy your crypto and then transfer to a Wallet YOU own. Binance is now regarded as one of the safest exchanges out there as they have been hacked before but repaid every user with their special account they created for this exact scenario.

4) If you are not confident leaving on Binance, send your Bitcoin to the Exodus or Coinomi Wallet. In your Wallet, click on Bitcoin and then receive. It will show you a long address. Copy this address. Then go to your Binance account and click on Withdrawals, type in BTC. Paste in the long address you copied, type in how much u want to send, (Be very careful here and double check everything before sending ensuring you have the address correct) if all okay, send it.

Your crypto currencies are now on your computer in your Exodus or Coinomi Wallet and you hold the private keys to them as well as your password (don't forget to write these down, without them you can lose your crypto currencies). The coins you purchased should be showing up in your Wallet within a few hours.

If you wish to buy crypto currencies like Monero, IOTA etc. on Binance you will need to visit our How To Buy Other Coins page for information on how to buy other crypto currencies.